indexBart is an adult male in his 50s going through a midlife crisis which entailed being legally blind due to cataracts, poor self-esteem, depressed, socially isolated from peers and effects of a 40 year substance abuse problem resulting in multiple hospitalizations throughout the years.  Bart with the aid of his support system (ACT team and his home health caregivers) worked on his sobriety to the point that he was able to successfully complete two cataract surgeries allowing for his re-entry into the vision community. Bart now realizes with an extended period of sobriety that his lifelong commitment to being a rebel (AKA prodigal son) has hindered his social development and proper addressment of his ongoing mental health symptoms. Bart has recommitted to ongoing medication compliance, active participation in individual and group therapies and personal commitment to positive self-talk and acceptance of his role in being responsible for himself and his happiness.