The Hope Found vision is to end homelessness, one family at a time.

Girl with BearProlonged exposure to homelessness has a significant negative effect on adults and children— the longer a household experiences homelessness, the poorer the outcomes will be.  Health, physical and mental ability, and self-esteem all suffer.  Unfortunately, families who are experiencing homelessness are also more likely to abuse or neglect their children. HopeWorks began the Hope Found program in 2017 as a way to eliminate family homelessness in the greater Albuquerque area.   By coordinating rapid, affordable, and stable housing and supportive services for families that are experiencing homelessness, these families stand a much better chance of success.

Meet Tammie – Finding Stability

Tammie was referred to Hope Found internally through HopeWorks’ Housing Department.  Tammie and her two kids were couch surfing with family and friends prior to Hope Found. Tammie has been working with a home healthcare agency for about five years, but because of her housing situation, it was hard for them to give her a set schedule.  However, they did keep her employed.  Prior to being accepted into the Hope Found program, Tammie attempted to rent an apartment from a property management company that wasn’t quite honest and took her money without giving her the apartment.  She had signed the lease and continued to be charged rent for an apartment that she never had.  Through this time, Tammie and her kids were still couch surfing.  Tammie was trying to exit homelessness, but this setback was making it harder to do so.  Tammie came in for a screening, and we quickly realized she was a good candidate for the program.  Tammie was housed at the beginning of September 2018.  Since being housed, Tammie now has a steady work schedule and has increased her hours to 32 a week with the same agency.  Her two children are doing well in school and hope to stay in that same school until it’s time to go to middle school.  Tammie also connected with Legal Aid and is suing the property management company that took her money for the apartment she never got.

Tammie and her family successfully graduated from the Hope Found program on March 31st, 2019 and was able to pay rent on her own.  Since graduation, Tammie has maintained employment, housing, and has also been approved for a Section 8 voucher.  Tammie has also been sworn into the Army Reserves.  When she leaves for basic training at the end of the year, her children will stay with her sister and maintain the housing voucher.

Client pictured is not actual client.