If you’re interested in a significant investment in the bold, exciting, and innovative future HopeWorks has planned, we are ready for a conversation.  For more information about major gifts, capital investments, grants, etc. contact Rachel Rodriguez, Chief Development and Communications Officer, via phone: (505) 242-4399 ext. 332 or email: rrodriguez@hopeworksnm.org.

  1.  Planned Giving: Leave a Legacy of Hope 

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    HopeWorks intends to keep its doors open – and its services available – for as long as there are individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness.  Will you consider a planned gift to enable our legacy to continue for as long as homelessness remains an issue in our community?
    HopeWorks Tax ID: 85-0338552

    For more information: please contact Rachel Rodriguez, Chief Development and Communications  Officer, via phone: (505) 242-4399 ext. 332 or email:rrodriguez@hopeworksnm.org.

  2. Sponsor a Meal: Cater or Provide a Meal at the Day Shelter

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    The HopeWorks Day Shelter is looking for organizations to provide and serve a meal for our Shelter clients.  Would you consider bringing a small group of co-workers, congregation members, friends, or family members together to provide a meal?  Meal providers plan a meal and purchase the food (or have it donated) for our shelter clients.  The meal can be prepared on-site or in any commercial-grade kitchen.  Your group will prepare, serve, and provide clean up assistance.  Food is the foundation for a happy, healthy life.  You can make an impact on your community.  Join the HopeWorks’ One Day, One Meal Volunteer Program and become part of the solution to food insecurity in Albuquerque.

    How many people do we cook for?

    What should we serve? 
    The ideal meal is healthy, low in sodium and fat, and high in fresh fruits and vegetables.

    I can’t cook. How else can I help? 
    Our day Shelter spends about $300 per day to ensure that every client who walks through our doors is provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Become a One Meal, One Day sponsor for only $300, and we’ll be sure to announce your support on social media!

    Contact Us: Call Emma Lewis, Volunteer and In-Kind Resource Coordinator, at (505)242-4399 ext. 239 or email, elewis@hopeworksnm.org


  3. Social Giving: Run a Peer to Peer Campaign

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    To start a fundraiser benefiting HopeWorks, follow the directions below for the platform of your choice. On this page, you will also find language you can use to easily build an engaging campaign.  Asking your peers to support something you believe in is one of the most valuable ways of garnering help. Thank you for believing in Hope!

    1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
    2. Click Raise Money.
    3. Select HopeWorks as your charity.
    4. Choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
    5. Click Create.

    1. Share a photo from this page or of you visiting HopeWorks.
    2. Add this link to your bio asking friends to offer their support: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/WebLink.aspx?name=E99396&id=36
    3. Post!

    1. Post a short fact from our site about Homelessness in New Mexico
    2. Include this link and ask people to help their community.
    3. Post! 

  4. Donor Advised Funds: Invest in the Future

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    A donor-advised fund (DAF) is an easy way to make charitable, lasting, and significant donations while receiving an immediate tax benefit.   DAFs are charitable funds that grow and accrue interest, and you have the option of recommending a grant to HopeWorks from this fund now or at a future date.

    Please talk to your financial or investment adviser to learn more about opening a Donor-Advised Fund today.

    For any questions please contact Rachel Rodriguez, Chief Development and Communications Officer, via phone: 505-242-4399 ext. 332 or email: rrodriguez@hopeworksnm.org.


You can contact Rachel Rodriguez, Chief Development and Communications Officer,  at (505) 242-4399 ext. 332 or via email at rrodriguez@hopeworksnm.org