Offering a humane, cost-effective alternative to incarceration

Dismas House is a six-month prison reentry program for men exiting prison who struggle with addiction and mental health.  Participants are provided with individual and group therapy, prescriber services, case management, and community events.  This program focuses on innovation, independence, creativity, socialization, and healing.  We also offer one year of aftercare to clients to support in successful transition into the community.

The goal of Dismas House is to provide the support and living experience that clients need to successfully build a life outside of prison.  This goes beyond medication and employment and includes things like art and gardening.  We want to provide opportunities for joy as well as treatment.  Dismas was absorbed into the HopeWorks network of programs in 2012; before that it existed as an independent entity.

Groups offered at Dismas House: Alcoholics Anonymous, Gardening, Living with Addiction, Mindfulness and Mood, Narcotics Anonymous, Recovery Through Creativity

Dismas House is a 90-day program.  We have extended the stay of clients that have been doing well for up to 6 months in-house.  We also have a 1-year aftercare program in which a CSW visits graduates in their home for the year after discharge from the houses.

The process for intake: Access applications by contacting us (Click “Apply Today”, below).  Applications are also on file with most jails and prisons in New Mexico. In most cases, case managers at the facilities send a completed application, which staff review for some basic criteria, including the following:

  1. Diagnosed mental health issue.
  2. Required to be on probation or parole.
  3. Not have sex- or arson-related charges.
  4. No gang affiliation.
  5. Not be in a Suboxone, Methadone or medical marijuana program.

The application is then assigned to a case manager who conducts interview (usually by phone). A denial or acceptance letter is sent to the case manager at the correction facility.  Walk-in applications are also accepted, and interviews for applicants not currently incarcerated and on probation/parole can be scheduled.  The application/interview process can take up to two weeks, depending on circumstances and availability of the case managers/inmates.

Our waitlist is ranked based on a projected release date.  We typically have one or two beds of 20 available.

Clients are required to attend at least two groups a week.  The subject matter covers mood management through mindfulness, addiction and trauma through Seeking Safety, and Recovery through Creativity.  Alternating weekly AA/NA groups at the houses are available, and clients are required to attend at least two per month.  Staff conduct random drug and room checks and report positive results to probation officers.  One positive test does not mean discharge, but generally two will result in discharge.  We also have a therapist for one-on-one counseling for our clientele.  In addition, daily and weekly chores are required.

The monthly cost of $300.00 gives us a good understanding of the commitment to reintegration from our clients.  Generally, the first month is paid for by a grant from the New Mexico Probation and Parole Department, giving our clients time to get the necessary paperwork to gain employment.

Services provided at Dismas House include:

Weekly case management meetings to assist clients with connecting with community supports including medical needs, psychiatric needs, housing needs, and employment needs.  A treatment plan is created with a case manager that addresses basic needs such as employment, medical/mental health care, healthy and consistent communication, and, eventually, housing.