Father Rusty, Exec. Director

Father Rusty, Exec. Director

It is September 11th and a time to remember.  To this day I can remember what I was doing and the impact of watching NBC news with Matt and Katie.  I always get to the office really early and that morning I had just finished my second cup of coffee and heard the T.V. in the background, “A plane has hit one of the towers.”

I often think back on that day and the impact it has had on all of us… a loss of safety and innocence that continues to make us a little more afraid when we travel or perhaps too vigilant when we are visiting another country and aggravated when we are taking off shoes, belts and rings to get through security.  Those moments and those actions changed us all and I think it is important for us as a community of faith to remember the impact and recognize our ability to play a role in transforming moments of loss.

Each year I attempt to remember September 11th by doing things that change my world for good and bring light.  It allows me to transform that moment of loss into a moment of grace. 

*Last night I cleared out my closet of clothing I did not need… this morning I gave those items to our shelter.
*This morning I called a person who dislikes me and reconnected… still not on the same page but able to listen to each other with respect.
*Today I am going to make out a check to an organization that makes life better for someone else…  For me it will be St. Martin’s.
*I am going to work this afternoon in our shelter… be with people who are not remembering September 11 for what happened in the past but just trying to survive today.
*Tonight I am going to hold my family in my arms and give thanks that they are safe.
*Before I go to bed tonight I am going to whisper to God how thankful I am for all that I have.

And, Today I will remember September 11th by trying to make light happen in dark places…  remembering grace is always possible!

Pass it on!

Fr. Rusty
September 11, 2013