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If you would like donate goods please drop them off at the shelter Monday through Friday between 8:00 am – 2:00 pm or contact the Shelter Director, John Benton, at (505) 843-9405.

Donations can also be picked up based on necessity and driver ability.

Our most needed items are:

– Blankets                         – Hats
– Toiletries                        – Coats
– Sleeping Bags                – Jackets
– Backpacks                      – Socks
– Shoes                               – Sweatshirts
– Boots                               – Mugs
– Gloves

You may also purchase items from one of our wishlists on Amazon or Target and the items will be sent directly to St. Martin’s HopeWorks.

Amazon: http://a.co/9q6xq0q 

Target: tgt.gifts/hopewishlist