One of the only programs of its kind in Albuquerque, CdP is a residential treatment program for those who are experiencing homelessness and have been diagnosed with a mental health illness and substance use issue.  Our program emphasizes how to live a sober life.  Clients stay for up to one year and work on their sobriety through groups, individual therapy, case management, and wellness activities.

Participants engage in outings, gardening, employment, learning to budget, how to live with a roommate, and other activities of daily living.  Upon graduation, clients are stable and able to be housed independently.  Every year, 28 men and women participate in CdP’s life-changing program.

How long is the program?
Casa de Phoenix is a nine to twelve-month residential treatment program.

Who qualifies for this program?
To qualify for services one must be homeless, have a mental health diagnosis, and a substance abuse problem. We do not take individuals on Suboxone, Methadone, or Medical Marijuana.

What is the cost of this program?
What makes this program unique is that it is the only treatment program in New Mexico that doesn’t require the resident to pay rent while unemployed.  To learn more, please contact CdP Program Manager Rosie Messinger at 505-900-3677. 

What are the goals and treatment options included in this program?
Residents receive group therapy, individual therapy, case management, and peer support throughout their stay in the program. Traditional therapeutic modalities are incorporated as well as holistic approaches that include exercise, gardening, mindfulness, and working cooperatively.  They also participate in a monthly activity and themed potluck. Residents attend groups daily and meet with their therapist and case manager on a weekly basis.  We also encourage them to attend outside groups that include AA, NA, CA, and Celebrate Recovery and to get a sponsor. The goal of the program is recovery from addiction, mental stability, and employment, ultimately leading to independent living.

Where do residents live?
There are two locations for the program: a 14 apartment gated complex and two combined houses in the Northeast Heights.  At both locations, there is a strong sense of community, and the residents work together to be successful.

Casa de Phoenix staff includes one Program Manager, two Therapists, two Case Managers, and two Residential Managers.

To apply for services, please contact CdP Program Manager Rosie Messinger at 505-900-3677 to schedule a screening.