St. Martin’s collaboration with the City of Albuquerque’s Heading Home project is paying off, literally! Three of the Five case managers in the heading home project are St. Martin’s Staff  and we are excited to share this from Dennis Plummer, CEO of Heading Home.  Independent research from UNM’s Institute for Social Research has compared costs of clients one year prior to housing to one year in housing through the Albuquerque Heading Home initiative.  Their initial study was released this week.

What did it reveal?

Some highlights from the study show that permanent housing resulted in:

  • Overall savings (1 year pre- and post-housing) = 31.6%
  • 36.2% decrease in ER visits
  • 84% decrease in hospital inpatient costs
  • 39.1% decrease in hospital outpatient costs
  • 64.2% decrease in jail costs
  • 78% retention in program after 12 months!

Wow!  Our collaborative efforts can have amazing results!  Unified focus, shared metrics and prioritizing our collective resources really does work.

Another result that is interesting:  there was a 469.3% increase in social service costs.  Although not conclusive, it does seem to indicate—counter to beliefs that not requiring people to access behavioral health and social services means that they won’t do so—that when permanent housing is stable, people actually utilize more services.  Perhaps people reach out for service and engage in help when offered and encouraged, without making it requisite for housing.  Just a thought.

Download the entire study here.

Please feel free to forward this to your supporters and encourage them to support you in this collaboration even more!