This mission story is about Robert B. a 54 year old Hispanic male who came by one day after arriving from Texas. He stopped by looking for any kind of work and getting help in obtaining his ID license, which he happened to leave on the bus coming here. As luck would have it, he was contacted by a person who was on the same bus and had found his ID, which was very important because it was a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). We were able to get this person to bring it to him at St. Martins. We assisted him by creating a resume and email address and got him bus passes. We then began submitting applications to various trucking companies. In the meantime he was helped by St. Martins numerous services, which makes the success story a joint effort by all. The client used all the shelter services that were available to him. He was able to receive a motel voucher as well, which enabled him to focus on finding a job instead of worrying where he would spend the night. He was able to find some day labor and was then hired by Garcia’s Tents, who put him to work immediately setting up tents and then wanted him to drive. During this time he was contacted by one of the trucking companies who offered a position and sent for him to start work. He then contacted us and let us know that he was doing great and wanted to thank us all for all the support we gave him. He also contacted other members of St. Martin and thanked them for their support and help. This is a typical success story at St. Martins because of all the support he received from shelter, housing (motel voucher) and job development. We all played a part in assisting him, and it would never have happened without all the great people who work at St. Martins who were always willing to make time and get things done to achieve success, from listening to someone to help with work and housing. This was a team effort and I thank all the other workers who were able to assist Robert.