Our client, Laurie came to us after spending 5 years in prison for drug related charges.  She was released to Dismas House and successfully completed her 3 month program there.  She was motivated to remain abstinent but did not have any recovery skills and little understanding of her mental illness when she got to CDP.  Since coming to CDP, she has learned to deal with stressors, understand relationship dynamics that impact her recovery and work a 12 Step program.  She has also learned to manage her anxiety with utilizing the grounding skills she’s been taught.  Laurie also wanted to work on her physical health as she has COPD and Asthma.  So with the assistance of her doctor and a lot of willingness, she has gotten the medication she needs to control her breathing issues.  Laurie also wanted to complete her GED and is attending CNM to get the classes she needs to pass the test.  She will be graduating in March ’15 with a home to go to and aftercare plans in place.  Laurie spend a lot of years on the streets of Albuquerque and will never need to do that again with all the progress she has made.