David came to us from Nebraska about two weeks ago in search of starting over.  He stayed at the Westside shelter and came to St. Martin’s shelter looking for help with Medicaid, food stamps, a job, and basic everyday needs.  He started by getting signed up for Medicaid and food stamps with Mary, our Ombudsman.  It was immediately apparent that he was determined to succeed and would do anything he needed to do.  He took the initiative to go to the library every single day to research resources and jobs in Albuquerque.  He worked with Glorijana, our Client Advocate, to get a New Mexico ID in order to improve his chances of getting a job here.  He worked for one day in the kitchen to pay for his ID and is expecting to receive it within a week.  David was always on top of things.  He would stop at the front desk every morning to tell Linda his to do list for the day.  Then he would check with Mary to make sure everything was in order.  Within a week he was hired as a backup street sweeper with Linda, our Shelter Director.  David decided it was better to walk everywhere he needed to go (and to walk around in his little free time) in order to get a feel for the city and know his way around.  David had an incredibly positive attitude.  Even when he was anxious and things weren’t going his way he always had a smile on his face.  David understands the importance of getting things done and taking initiative. Because of this, he has a job offer in Tennessee.  They will fly him out to work for three weeks.  David is hoping that this becomes a permanent position, but if not he hopes to return to Albuquerque, his new home.  The shelter played a vital role in helping David achieve his goals.  Finally, as anyone would, he made sure to get a selfie with Linda before he left.