Gift Givers Anonymous is a program of St. Martin’s that’s works closely with the case managers at St. Martin’s as well as with other client organizations that are members of GGA. The clients referred to GGA are most often those with the highest level of need.  It is our job to help secure those items they have most need of in order to help them transform their living space into a home.  In order to facilitate this process GGA works collaboratively within the community and with our member organizations we are here to assist.  The collaborative efforts of all involved help to facilitate a more efficient process of securing items for client organizations.

These collaborative efforts played a key role in the life of Jessie, a 67 year old special needs client who came to GGA in need of items for her new home.  She had been chronically homeless and had recently reached out to SMHC for assistance into securing stable housing.  She was in need of most household items but was not sure how to acquire such items. Because of her contact with SMHC she was led to GGA.

Since moving into her new home she had been sleeping on the floor. She asked SMHC to give her a referral to a place that could provide a mattress for her to sleep on.  Instead of just a bed, she got to shop in our Money Free Store and secured a lot of other items for her apartment to help transform her new space into a home.

The collaborative efforts between the different departments at SMHC and of GGA helped to provide some comfort for Jessie that she had not previously had.  Because of the collaborative efforts of all involved, a special needs client was able to have the luxury of sleeping in a bed in her retirement years instead of sleeping on the floor.  Someone who was used to going without the most basic household items was able to secure not only a bed but many other items for her new space almost immediately.