Jay is a Heading Home client who had been homeless for twelve years. Jay was a regular client and we often observed him working with the client advocate in the day shelter.  Jay was always positive, had a smile on his face and despite his chronic homelessness and mental health diagnosis (MDD) would often look for ways of working and finding enough funds to stay in a motel when possible.

Jay was referred to the Albuquerque Heading Home program at St Martins and qualified high on the vulnerability Index. Jay was given support with a case manager and the search began to find an apartment that was suitable for Jay and a property manager that would work with his background and history.  Jay has been housed just over a year and has been stepped down to lite case management services backed upon stability in housing, medication management and his own wish and request to  divert resources to other clients who need more assistance and intensive support.

Jay was awarded his social security income around six months into services through SOAR but instead of resting, Jay decided he would look for income to supplement his benefit. Jay informed his case manager he had secured part time employment waiting tables at a café at the Albuquerque Transit Center and informed Supportive Housing to adjust his rental obligation.

Jay enjoys his job, interacting with the public and regularly checks in with his case manager.