“David” arrived at Dismas House after serving seven years in prison. He had left behind a devoted wife, and a daughter he had never met. Prior to being incarcerated, David led a very lucrative life. As a journeyman plumber and handyman, and a well-respected member of the community, work was never hard to find. He was often responding to those in need of repairs and major parts replacement after hours (because, as we all know, that is when the plumbing goes bad). However, life had taken a turn neither he nor his family was prepared for. David had a mortgage that needed to be paid, and more importantly, he had a wife and daughter to support. He expressed that one of his deepest regrets was not being present and available to help raise his baby girl, and be the father he knew he could be.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, David was unable to immediately return home after prison. Instead, he was mandated to complete the three-month re-entry program at Dismas House before he could truly call himself a Father. This opportunity provided David with the structure, tools, and moral support that was needed in order for him to stay sober, gain employment, and complete his parole. David shared that he often struggled with the temptation of going on the run to be with his family, but he was ultimately able to successfully complete the program. He was able to return to his family without the fear of looking over his shoulder, anticipating the authorities. David is now the Father we all knew he could be.