This story comes from one of our Coffee Shop interns, who chose to go by the name “Minerva”.

““I made poor decisions and struggled with depression, which led to self-medication with meth. When I got pregnant with my first child, I quit.  I was a single mom and when my child was six I met someone I thought was perfect for me, but he turned out to be abusive.  I left him and six years later met the man of my dreams, or so I thought.  We lost a baby and he lost his job. When we were married, I decided to go to school while working two jobs and relied on alcohol instead of working on my grief.  My husband decided to hurt my kids while I was at work.  I divorced him when I found out, got a 12 year restraining order and all this left me broke and devastated emotionally and financially.  I was battling my second child’s father in family court and couldn’t find a job.  I got evicted from my apartment and found St. Martin’s.  Now I have a 2 bedroom apartment and a grant for next month’s rent.  I’ve been sober for 2 years and plan to attend the recovery groups through St. Martin’s and work at The Coffee Shop.  The Coffee Shop has given me the self-confidence needed to be much more employable.  I’’m continuing in school and making good marks!  Things are looking up!””


Minerva is doing great at The Coffee Shop.  She is attending CNM, majoring in Business Management with a focus on Project Management and works here at The Coffee Shop, both on a part-time basis.  She loves engaging with our customers and has a great smile when she does.