As a part of the services that the ACT team provides, we have added an Art Group. Several of the client’s we work with are talented artists and have talked about wanting a place to express their art. In the months that the Art Group has been going we have had many clients come through the group, some only coming one time, and others becoming regulars. The regular clients have developed a rapport with each other that has been a joy to behold. Two of the group members have experienced the deaths of their mothers since the Art group came into existence. Both received an outpouring of support, including offers from peers to call and talk whenever they need to. The members of the Art Group have developed a level of caring for one another through spending time and sharing art. They have lowered barriers, overcome fears and opened up to one another. All of this in addition to having a good time, and creating art to share with one another. For some of the members of the group, their participation is their major social outlet, and they have come to enjoy their time with the group. Other members have come to the group wanting to have an outlet for their emotions, but were afraid to express themselves in an artistic manner because they felt intimidated, or had been told they did not have the ability. These members are encouraged and supported by the other members of the group, and we have seen a growth in members’ confidence, not only in their art, but in their ability to handle the day to day struggles of living with a severe persistent mental illness. While the group has allowed its members to have a place to express their creativity, its major impact has been in allowing relationships to form between members of the group. These relationships have added an additional layer of support for all of the group members who have opened up and taken a chance on friendship.