John came into Casa de Phoenix after having been at the Good Shepherd for six months due to Amphetamine Dependence, ADHD and Anxiety.  At 34 he had become homeless for the past four years due to not being able to hold down a job.  John’s ADHD symptoms had interfered with his life skills since he was a child and medication had not proven to be as helpful as he would have liked so he turned to self-medicating in high school.  John is unable to comprehend what he reads and so he’s had to take menial jobs that he gets bored with easily.  John’s stay at the Good Shepherd gave him a solid foundation for recovery and when he came to CDP he wanted to learn how to manage his mental illness and obtain skills to live in recovery.

John attended and participated in all the groups and activities CDP offered.  He also learned to get out of his head by being of service to his peers and Gift Givers.  John saw that he could manage his symptoms if the work was not repetitive and challenged him to have to pay attention.  John was able to get a job with an employer that knew him from before and could see the difference in his demeanor and behaviors.  He decided that he needed the continued support of his peers and so he moved into a sober living home upon graduation.  John obtained an outside therapist before leaving CDP so that continuum of care would be in place.  John graduated CDP successfully and will be one of those clients that we continue to have contact with as he feels this was his foundation to recovery.