Irene started PSR group towards the end of March 2014.  Irene had more than one presenting problem, trauma, grief/loss, and personality disorder.  Irene would get stuck; stuck in the past and sometimes stuck on a certain conversation and this would impede her ability to increase her self-esteem, as she was usually angry about the circumstance.  Irene needed a lot of attention and the reinforcement of PSR staff and her case worker. Irene kept attending PSR group and would hear from other members’ supportive words and exchange of phone numbers.  Months pass by and Irene is still attending PSR, very slowly her days at PSR are a little more reflective and PSR staff are starting to see Irene catching herself and commenting to staff that she wants to change that.  Irene specifies that she wants to use her time at PSR to practice changing negative thinking into positive thinking, and to have a more positive outlook on life overall.  Irene stated to PSR staff that; “PSR has been the only program that hasn’t quit on me”. Some time passes, and Irene has knee surgery in November.  She expresses her concerns with the surgery and the post healing time; PSR staff and her CSW remind her of her support system at St. Martin’s and PSR staff visited Irene during her post surgery healing time.  Irene demonstrates her determination to not only heal physically, but to return to PSR group to continue her program.  Irene comes to PSR group as soon as she is able with her walker.  Irene is different; she expresses gratitude and is calmer.  She is learning to live in the present.  It is difficult to pinpoint what exactly spurs the change we eventually see in our clients.  With Irene, it seems that it was a few things, the continued support from PSR staff, the PSR group, her CSW; Irene’s willingness to trust and allow the healing process to begin with therapy; perhaps the surgery.  Yet it doesn’t necessarily matter why, as long as Irene is changing for the better.