There are certain people that live their lives fully embodying kindness.  Casey is one of those people.  After he moved to Albuquerque from Dallas, he experienced some rough times and became homeless.  For most people, this would be reason enough to become surly, grouchy, or self-pitying, but not Casey.  He brought his big personality and big heart to HopeWorks.  He connected with our Employment Services program and was able to begin intermittent contract labor. As he worked to get back on his feet, he visited the Day Shelter to ensure his basic needs were met.  However, Casey isn’t one to sit back and rest.  When he wasn’t at a job, he spent his time at the Day Shelter helping out: cleaning, organizing, and supporting other clients.  He is always cheerful, asking what needs to be done next.  Casey’s strong work ethic and generous personality earned him a permanent job in landscaping.  Now, Casey works to make other people’s homes more beautiful, a fitting job for such a giving spirit.