Father Rusty, Exec. Director

Father Rusty, Exec. Director

Holiday Miracles… Have you seen any miracles lately?

When I was a kid I always believed that this was a season of miracles…  something magical could happen when dreams and prayers mixed with people caring about each other.

At St. Martin’s we not only believe in miracles but we get to see them daily…

“A meal offered to someone who has been hit by hard times.”

“A family given a place to stay for the week.”

“Someone desperate for a job being given an opportunity to work.”

“A person sick and tired of using drugs finding a place to recover, housing and a second chance.”

“Someone lost on the streets, afraid and alone… discovering people and a place that care and will help.”

During this holy season please join the staff and volunteers of St. Martin’s… find a way to make miracles happen by expressions of your care.

Fr. Rusty

December 2, 2010